Sunday, November 11, 2007

Man loses memory overnight

This isn't really too technology oriented, but it does show how far our medical technology has advanced. I like reading the health news to see the interesting stories and new technologies advancing constantly. Recently, I found an interesting story of a man with memory loss problems, and those are always quite interesting to me.

There was a man that had been complaining about insomnia and memory loss problems over the last few months, and then one day he just flat out lost his memory. He went to the doctor and had many tests performed on him. It ended up being caused by a cancer he had, in which his antibodies were attacking his healthy brain cells.

This attack of antibodies caused severe memory loss.After sessions of chemotherapy and other treatment, his memory has started to return, and hopefully he makes a full recovery in the end. These problems are always hard to solve, and luckily he got a good doctor that could find out the cause behind the problems. The technology keeps advancing, and its fascinating to see how quickly problems can be found these days.

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