Sunday, December 23, 2007

best selling car of 2007

When it comes to technology of cars, the Toyota Camry seems to have the subject mastered year after year. The Japanese technology proves year after year to be superior, but others seem to be catching up somewhat.

In my opinion the Honda Accord is better than the Camry, but they are, of course, close as always. I prefer Honda to Toyota in terms of quality, but Toyota's popularity continues to soar, and I don't see that coming to an end any time soon.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Send water to your Yard?

I was reading about how some people are getting their water lines rerouted to basically recycle used water into your yard and whatnot, which is not a bad idea I don't think. I doubt many people will be doing this, but I've seen worse ideas.

This can end up saving you money on water bills, and it can be healthy for your lawn, but I don't think it is really worth it to use that much money to divert some water. If you are someone that is obsessed with a bright green yard, then it is probably a great idea for you, but I never cared much how the grass looked.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Electronics companies going GREENER?

I have been reading about the big electronics manufacturers trying to go greener, or more environmentally friendly with their new products. They hope it will spark peoples' interest and give them an incentive to buy their products. They are working on new designs to make electronics more recyclable-friendly, and more energy efficient.

This may appeal to some of the consumer base, but I doubt if it will appeal to a whole lot of people. Many people are mainly concerned with price, and this new technology will likely cost more which will drive away some consumers. It will attract a certain group, however, and it may end up being worth it for the company. We will have to just wait and see if the market is hungry for such a design.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Navigation System

I was in a friend's car today, and they had one of those Garmin navigation system's with voice directions and everything. It was one of the nicer ones. I had planned to get one before, but I really didn't have a whole lot of need, so it was interesting to see how well they worked.

After a little drive, I began to see how well they worked, and I wasn't very impressed with the performance of the unit. It worked halfway decent, but it took a while to get coordinated and didn't have the best routes to places. It took a lot longer to get some places when following the directions it supplied, and once it directed us to a dead end. I think they could use some improvement, but they can be helpful if you are truly lost, and it will probably help you get where you're going.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New seed technology

Technology isn't just with electronics these days. There is a lot of research and advancements in the agriculture field also. There is a lot of varying opinions these days about organic food, food grown on steroids, and genetically altered food, many people begin to wonder about the food they are eating. I was reading about one company, Monsanto, which produce genetically modified plant seeds that are a great for farmers for various reasons. They are not affected by various weed killing formulas, and they keep bugs and pests away much better than regular seeds do.These are not the only benefits, though, and check into their company for other benefits if you are interested. All these qualities combine for a great looking seed to a farmer, so they have been doing great in their business.

I think this is a good idea for a company to produce, and I don't see any problems with the seeds they produce. Many people are not approving of this, and they say it is unhealthy and unnatural, but I think we should use the technology we currently have to make the best of our agricultural field. They may not be healthy possibly, but what is these days? This company isn't doing this great for nothing. It makes the farmers' jobs easier, and it also helps supply the growing population with food, so I think it is a great idea.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Robot soldier technology

I just finished reading about a robot that is currently a prototype to possibly eventually replace soldiers. It can travel around at about ten miles per hour, and it has a machine gun mounted on its top that fires at a blazing rate. This robot is currently being developed by a team of engineers for a company called Robotex, and the prototype looks pretty impressive to me.

They have raised money from a group of investors instead of from the government, and it looks to be working for them. It would appear that way to me. There are more plans of improving this robot, but the difficult part will be getting the government to buy these things. They cost around thirty to fifty thousand dollars apiece, but they may be able to replace soldiers in the future. People have always imaged replacing soldiers with robots, and it may be happening soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Global warming idea

Have any of you guys heard the news about the idea of how baking soda can perhaps help save us from global warming? Probably not I would guess, and I didn't either until today. Baking soda is made by using carbon dioxide, so I can it can possibly make a little bit of sense as a solution.

As most of you probably know, smoke from industrial smoke stacks is a large contributor to carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and, thus, global warming. If you use this carbon dioxide to make baking soda, then solves the problem to a certain extent. I don't know how they are plannig to make this work, and it is still pretty far away from becoming a reality I believe, but I guess it's worth a try.